Stop Starting another show on Netflix and Start Finishing… ooh another Netflix original!

It's very easy to let another week pass and not getting stuff done. Work and life will always create more work, more tasks on your list, more lists of lists and you'll find yourself buried in it all. In the Agile community, we talk about prioritization a lot. Seriously. A LOT. Without priorities, everything is... Continue Reading →

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People like me…

"People like me are looking for people like me" I said that during a conference I attended a couple weeks ago when I was describing why I started my own business. I've noticed that many of my friends and old colleagues are starting their own consulting businesses. It seems as though they are searching for... Continue Reading →

Don’t Avoid Conflict just to be Nice

Originally Published on February 14, 2019 on LinkedIn Be nice. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Treat others the way you want to be treated. You've probably heard other variations of the golden rules we were taught as children to follow. I still believe in their value in our society... Continue Reading →

Lone Wolf Seeks Pack

Originally Published on February 4, 2019 on LinkedIn As I shifted towards the window of seat 8F, the tears welled in my eyes and I prayed that the cabins lights would dim quickly. I'm a failure. I have to get off this account. They don't want to accept anything I suggest and I don't know... Continue Reading →

Why I don’t mind burned bacon

Originally Published on November 7, 2018 on LinkedIn I've never been a great cook. I don't enjoy it but as a single adult, I must do it when the restaurants are closed or I'm too lazy to go out. So I've burned a lot of freakin toast, bacon, and countless other meals because I get... Continue Reading →

Holy Crap I just stole a car

Yes, It's true. I stole a car today. Sadly, no one even noticed it was gone and I returned it to get a second car.  Now what in the world would a person like me do with a stolen car, you ask? Well, sit back and follow this story that is NOT a tall tale... Continue Reading →

6 Ways Leaders Avoid Becoming Roadblocks

Whether you've been managing for a long time, you have a new team or are a new manager; include your own positive and negative contributions to the team when you evaluate the team’s overall success. There could be times where it's you that may keep the team from growing.  You could be out of touch... Continue Reading →

Common Agile Practices That Sabotage Us

Sometimes we need help to improve our team and sharing insights into why some practices and behaviors can sabotage team progress.  Take a look at the following observations teams have made to see if your team can identify with them and take action before it becomes a bigger or longer term problem. Observation: We have... Continue Reading →

What options do we have to integrate a UX/UI team into our Scrum process?

Although this question doesn't come up all the time, it certainly comes up enough that sharing how our team made the decision to keep the Design team work outside our scrum team's sprint could be helpful to others. Just to give you some background, this team has been focusing on the intake of new projects, how... Continue Reading →

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