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Coaching for Individuals

Whether you’re a new agile coach, first time manager or a seasoned manager, it’s critical that you spend time to focus on how to lead your team. There are so many options out there on leadership, it can be overwhelming. Even if you’ve taken a class or two or read a bunch of books, putting those new ideas into your daily practice takes practice and having a coach makes it more fun!

What to Expect: We will meet together on a regular cadence, talk through the challenges you’re facing, learn new techniques and work on your own personal leadership style so it doesn’t sound like you’re reading from a script.

Who should start: Managers that are looking for a deeper connection to their team and want to build a culture of love and belonging. Agile coaches that are looking for their own coach.

How to get started:Schedule a 20 minute call for both of us to determine if we are a good team to work together.

Leadership Team Consulting

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Classroom Training

Extreme Leadership

Are you a person who—regardless of your position or title—aspires to gain more success in business and beyond by learning how to elevate yourself and others to unprecedented levels of achievement and fulfillment? Leadership, ultimately, has nothing to do with the title on your business card or your position on the organizational chart. It’s about who you are and what you do to change things for the better—regardless of your “place” in the company, workplace, or community.

Based on Steve Farber’s book, Radical LEAP, this 1 day course is designed to guide you towards how you can be an Extreme Leader.

How to get started: Public classes are offered throughout the year as well as private classes held in your office with your co-workers. Schedule a 20 minute call so we can discuss the best option for you and your leadership team.

Leading Teams Through Change

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